YOOXYGEN - YOOX Group’s on-going eco-friendly initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness amongst its users, working closely with leading international institutions, designers and creative professionals.

A natural evolution in its long-standing commitment to quality fashion, YOOX Group chose to launch this journey into the world of environmental responsibility on the occasion of Earth Day 2009. In the intervening years the YOOXYGEN project has become a central part of the YOOX Group corporate policy.

At the heart of the YOOXYGEN initiative is ‘Eco-mmerce’, a dedicated space on yoox.com promoting an environmentally sustainable lifestyle through a selection of eco-friendly fashion, design, jewelry, books and music, as well as special features and exclusive video content. ‘Eco-mmerce’ is also a showcase for the exclusive limited edition collections created by the numerous designers working with YOOXYGEN.

Even the packaging is testament to YOOX Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility - all orders placed on yoox.com, thecorner.com and shoescribe.co, and are shipped worldwide using the fully recyclable ‘ecobox’ - a specially created system of packaging certified RESY, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), PEFC and SFI. Environmental awareness informs many aspects of the day-to-day life of YOOX Group through the adoption of concrete actions like corporate car sharing and the use of FSC certified paper.

YOOXYGEN works closely with several nonprofit environmental organizations and institutions including Green Cross International - the official partner of YOOXYGEN, UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), the Zero Impact project in partnership with Lifegate as well as the British Fashion Council’s sustainable fashion initiative ‘Estethica’.