Long Live Christian Dior

June 2008 - An exclusive selection of vintage pieces from the Maison Dior, offering a rare glimpse into the history of Haute Couture. Clothes and accessories that reveal the evolution of style over the last 60 years, a vast selection of pieces for every occasion – from absolute elegance to ready-to-wear. It was 1947 when Christian Dior revolutionized the shapes and styles of his era, proclaiming himself the undisputed king of Haute Couture. For over half a century, Dior luxury, elegance, and sophistication have marked important turning points in the history of fashion.

yoox.com presents an extraordinary selection of vintage pieces, the creative genius of the great designers who succeeded one another at the helm of the renowned Maison. From museum-quality items from the first collections of the 1940s, to timeless classics, original accessories and exquisite jewelry, all were plucked from rare sources around the world: prestigious auction houses like Christie's, notable vintage collectors like Franco Jacassi and important private collections.