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Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

In YOOX Group there is zero tolerance of bribery and corruption in any part of the Company’s business

As a global Internet retailing partner for leading fashion & design brands, YOOX Group is committed to safeguarding its reputation as an ethically responsible and transparent company.

To achieve this goal, YOOX launched YOOXCOMPLY, a Group Anti Corruption Compliance Program which forms part of company’s values by creating a foundation for business performance, providing clear guidance to employees and serving as a roadmap to improve the management of risks.


the Group Anti Corruption Compliance Program

YOOXCOMPLY is the result of the assessment of the Company’s areas exposed to the risk of corruption together with the definition of a series of principles, controls and rules that we in YOOX decided to adopt and respectin our daily work.


  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Conducting Business with Third Parties
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Prohibiting Facilitation Payments
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Managing the Interactions with Public Officials and Bodies
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Gifts, Hospitality and Entertainment
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Human Resources Management and Administration
  • YOOXCOMPLY –In Respecting Proprietary Information


This Program applies to the entire YOOX Group and to all dealings and transactions in all countries where YOOX operates.