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Life at YOOX

For those who believe in their own abilities, who seek out an internationally-focused work environment,
who have the courage to undertake large-scale projects: in one word, YOOX

Innovative, young and passionate: YOOX Group is made up of people like this, who work 24/7 with professionalism to consistently improve themselves and attain excellence.

Why work at YOOX Group?

YOOX Group is the ideal place for anyone who wants the opportunity to prove themselves in an internationally-focused work environment that values talent.

Within YOOX Group a person can grow in both their skills and position, thanks to a well-conceived strategy focused on People for providing support to anyone that intends to challenge their own professional abilities.

Working at YOOX Group means being part of a reality where every person believes in what they do, strengthening the values and principles that are at its core.


Listening to You: counselling centre for employees

With a view to get closer to people and improve the quality of daily and professional life, YOOX Group recently launched “Listening To You”, a service centre run by a team of certified psychologists and counsellors outside the company who, via phone, help people to face any difficult or stressful situations at work.

The Service can be accessed through a toll-free number to an office in Milan, and is available even during lunch hours. A telephone counselling professional conducts an initial evaluation of the request and makes a phone appointment with the psychologist. The professional then reviews the problem extensively and determines how to intervene in response to it.


The counselling centre for employees

The project, currently in its pilot phase, is a way to listen to and understand employee demands in the work environment, and allows any areas of dissatisfaction to be monitored. Overall, the requests received are analysed in order to develop action plans for the improvement of the internal climate and organisational well-being at YOOX.


Mobile, inside and out: YOOXCITY, YOOX’s mobile workplace project


YOOX Group began 2015 with all its news about mobile technologies. The start of its achievement, which was during the holiday period, was exceeding the objective of receiving 50% of global traffic from smartphones and tablets, earlier than expected.

In confirmation of the importance of mobile commerce, YOOX chose to broaden its aims in mobile channels internally, as a mean for daily activities for all employees, with the launch of YOOXCITY, an actual project of mobile workplace, designed and developed specifically as a real everyday instrument, coming into existence for the benefit of all employees.

YOOXCITY represents another step forward along the path towards smart working, something that is already in the process of being undertaken by the Group alongside the launch of other initiatives such as working from home. By collaborating with Vodafone Italia, YOOX has provided all of its employees with next-generation smartphones, not only granting free internet and calls, all the benefits offered by the corporate mobile services. YOOXCITY is a true mobile city, which is housed on its up-to-the-minute corporate smartphones, and guarantees maximum connectivity, flexibility and efficiency for all employees wherever they are; it’s like having YOOX in your pocket.   

YOOXCITY, the innovative solution dedicated YOOX Group’s employees

With YOOXCITY it is possible to access the internal messaging system, participate in videoconferences anywhere, or manage individual corporate travel plans. Moreover, employees can also always stay up to date, in real time, about corporate news and have independent and “on-the-go” access to numerous corporate services.

Precisely because it has believed in and invested in mobile channels since 2006, by creating an initial internal taskforce dedicated to this field, YOOX is currently considered to be among the pioneers of mobile commerce. Firstly, with the launch of the yoox.com iPhone app in 2009, and then with its iPad app, which was introduced in conjunction with the device’s official launch in the United States in 2010.

Thanks to investments in technological innovation, the mobile channel has grown considerably in recent years and, sooner than expected, has exceeded the 50% goal for smartphone and tablet visits to the YOOX Group’s websites. The latest results recorded for the new native app for the online lifestyle store yoox.com also contributed to achieving this target. This app is available in 11 languages and can be downloaded free of charge from App Store and Google Play.


YOOX Group in figures






hired in 2014



Team growth over
the last three years



Average employees age



Different nationalities

Source: Sustainability Report 2014 

Everyday principles at YOOX Group 

Impartiality and Equal Opportunity

Diversity is wealth, because different points of view can produce added value. That is why it is defended, refusing any form of discrimination.

Legality and Honesty

A sound work environment is constructed by respecting the rules: the first and fundamental step for protecting employee physical and moral well-being.

Professionalism and Trust

The growth of the Group and of the professional abilities of those who form part of it has a solid basis: YOOX Group establishes a relationship with its employees that is based on reciprocal trust and long-lasting work relationships.

Prevention of Potential Conflicts of Interest

When conducting any activity, YOOX Group tries to avoid situations that place the people involved in them into potential conflicts of interest.

Accuracy and Transparency 

The positive and collaborative spirit which distinguishes the work environment of YOOX Group is constructed around the knowledge that each person’s commitment is crucial. Therefore, the decisions made are explained through the internal dissemination of complete and timely information.

Meritocracy and Assessment of Talent

People who are worth something want to prove it:  YOOX Group wants to continuously improve, and to do so invests in the professional growth of its employees. Anyone entering the Group can count on ad hoc training programs and its performance evaluation systems.