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Job Opportunities

Corporate Functions

Day after day, these departments work with the objective of placing the Group under the ideal conditions for continued growth. The Corporate Services, Communications, HR, Finance, Corporate Development and Legal teams understand and implement the primary strategies for the company’s development through cross-disciplinary projects, which are crucial to YOOX Group’s success.

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Buying & Merchandising

Apparel, fabric, scarves, jewlery and works of art (and the list could go on) are sought, selected, purchased and sold. These are the tasks of Buying & Merchandising.

This team has the job of creating an assortment that is able to speak to the desires of consumers, and is responsible for defining the brand mix of the respective category, combining the major brands of international fashion with the work of emerging designers and stylists.

The task is not a simple one: it is up to this department to ensure that yoox.com, thecorner.com, shoescribe.com and the Group’s online stores last forever.

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Art & Creative

Creative genius, attention to detail, the ability to provide form to visual perfection, to tell a story with images and words, to make magic with graphics: this is the quality needed to be a part of this team.

This department has the duty of combining the image and identity of the various brands with an absolutely innovative and extremely high-quality web interface.

Giving life to special unconventional and innovative projects, seeing to image and style, creating entertaining and unusual content: while the instruments at work in this sector include the full range of creative sorcery, what’s important is meeting the objective of immersing the consumer in a unique shopping experience.

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A solid team of professionals in charge of managing Internet retailing activity, capable of combining mastery in e-commerce dynamics with a deep knowledge of the fashion world. The Sales department provides support for all of the Group’s stores, through commercial consulting activity. A strong passion for fashion, a marked commercial sensibility and solid analytical skills are the characteristics we seek to unite you to us. 

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The Marketing department is comprised of a team of professionals, which manages structured campaigns, combining an absolute mastery of the web-marketing dynamics with a deep knowledge of how these aspects can influence the fashion world. It is the right job for anyone with a passion for fashion, a keen sense of business and strong analytical abilities.

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Digital Production

The Digital Production team is responsible for creating the digital catalog. Working in this department – be it in photo shoots or editorials – means playing a significant role in bringing  YOOX Group into the hearts, minds and wardrobes of consumers.

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Operations & Logistics

People working in this department ensure that every day, customer orders are delivered worldwide in extremely rapid timeframes and with excellent standards of service. With four digital production centres and five logistical centres in Italy, the United States, Japan, China and Hong Kong, it succeeds in guaranteeing optimal management of merchandise and distribution in more than 100 countries. Furthermore, this department is responsible for translating content in the various languages “spoken” by YOOX Group, as well as for customer service.

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Innovation is in YOOX Group’s DNA, as it has always been a pioneer, especially in the Research and Development of new technological solutions to be able to guarantee an excellent online purchasing experience. The Technology team and Business Intelligence work on a daily basis, precisely to consistently improve YOOX’s technological platform, which is always at the vanguard and extremely precise. 

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Internships & Graduate Programmes

Start your career on the right foot! YOOX Group is enthusiastic about being one of the companies where new graduates want to work. A team comprised of young people who love fashion, who are proud to be part of a company that dictates the trends, discovers brands and – straddling the technological evolution – redefines the limits of online retail.

YOOX Group knows that its growth is linked to the professional and personal growth of its employees within the company. 

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YOOX Graduate Programmes 

MBA Summer Internships 

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How to Tackle the Interview

There is no such thing as a perfect interview, but there is a method for tackling it anxiety-free: be yourself. Here’s some advice about the interview with YOOX Group

Not just a jacket and tie!

At work, it is important to be comfortable in the clothing you wear. Let’s put it this way: even the person interviewing you will be dressed as is most comfortable and appropriate for his/her job. Don’t be shy: before committing yourself to a tie, if you have any doubts about how to dress for the interview, ask whoever selected you for some information.

Relax and be yourself

It will be easier for you to make a good impression if you don’t exaggerate, but rather present yourself simply and enthusiastically, with a naturally positive attitude.    

Be honest

The simplest way not to make mistakes is to speak honestly about your professional qualifications and experience.

Indulge your curiosity and… study us!

Often, people who have successful interviews have a knowledge of our Group that is anything but superficial; they know about what we do, about trends in the sector and about the position to which they are applying (what work they’ll have to do, ther reference market, etc.)

Want some advice? Play to your advantage; try to arrive at the interview knowing us well: we should be the ones discovering you!

Give substance to your thoughts

Doing well at the interview does not just mean giving the right answers to a certain number of questions. We don’t just want to see if you answer “well”; we want to understand your way of thinking. Therefore, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts: put your reasoning into words; allow us to follow you too. We’ll give you the opportunity to convince us: to better evaluate your knowledge of the sector and your actual abilities, we’ll probably put you to several tests, from business cases to aptitude tests.

Get to know us

Remember: the interview is not only a time for us to get to know you, but also for you to get to know us better. Therefore, relax, ask questions, listen, learn! It just might be the beginning of a long voyage. Good luck!