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 Diversity as a value

DIVERSITY_600“There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity.”
M. De Montaigne

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion have for some time been an integral part of the culture and values of YOOX, and are a determining factor for its model of growth and its method of conducting business.  Respect for diversity, disavowing all discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religious or political creed, is explicitly referenced in YOOX’s Code of Ethics.

YOOX has always been committed to recognising and valuing its diversity, with the knowledge that only through different points of view will it be possible to establish innovative solutions and pluralism in decision-making processes, which in turn will give it a true competitive advantage. Believing in diversity means believing in the value of difference to “make a difference”.

YOOX supports interventions which promote the expression of diversity, in order to, within the company, increase individuals’ contributions, allowing them to be innovative and successful on the market, thanks to their ability to promptly address external differences, by actually leveraging the diversity within the organisation.


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YOOX and the equal opportunities

YOOX has always endorsed and promoted equal opportunities: the team is in fact 54% comprised of women, with 480 young women employed at the various offices. The percentage of female executives and managers at the end of 2014 represented 42% of the total number (as compared to the Italian average of 25% female managers, or 33% in Europe; source: Eurostat 2014).

Precisely due to its focus on valuing female talent, YOOX has received the Mela Rosa award. In order to affirm this commitment and continue to support and promote women’s professional growth. In collaboration with Valore D, the first association of major companies formed in Italy to support female corporate leadership, through meetings and seminars, YOOX is collaborating on the promotion of female leadership, talent and diversity.

In an effort to create an increasingly inclusive work environment which respects diversity, in particular in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, YOOX joined with Parks – Liberi e Uguali [Free and Equal], a non-profit association sponsored by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, which is sustained solely by employers that support corporate entities in diversity management, with a particular focus on LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual and transgender) employees. With Parks, YOOX organised a training program, internal and external communications, and events in order to internally raise awareness about diversity topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity, in an effort to recognise and value visible and invisible differences, thereby creating the potential for professional growth, thanks to the differences each person contributes.

YOOX’s international DNA

YOOX has also always valued internationality, as demonstrated by its global customers from more than 100 countries worldwide who buy from the online stores Powered by YOOX Group. In order to determine and respond to its customers’ requirements, it is essential for it to have an international team with more than 44 different nationalities. This multicultural melting pot has always been an asset and an important driver of growth.

Indeed, to consistently cultivating the value of multiculturalism, an integral part of its DNA, YOOX offers training dedicated to culture and linguistic knowledge, promoting the Italian language at all of its offices worldwide, from Hong Kong to Japan, China and the United States. They meet at the Italian headquarters in Zola Predosa and Milan, participating in meetings which, through dedicated programs, are specifically aimed at finding out more about not only corporate entities, but also Italian culture.