ynap.com is now live! Get to know the newly formed YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

Growing at YOOX

In YOOX Group’s culture, work is not the purpose, but an instrument for professional growth. 
The true objective of the Group and of its people is to always be setting new objectives

YOOX Group is constantly moving forward and pursuing  which are aimed at consistently innovating and improving the quality of the service offered.

Growth and development are characteristics which the Group has always inscribed in its DNA, and which it disseminates among its employees through policies that are geared towards:

  • identifying and cultivating the best talent;
  • strengthening and protecting corporate know-how.

It is in this culture – where the development of abilities is strictly linked to the generation of value – that employees find an incentive for benefitting from the potential for growth that is offered to them at every level.

Being part of YOOX Group means being able to set out on a path of growth and professional development which is aimed at molding managers and professionals:

  • governed by clear rules;
  • based exclusively on abilities and on the evaluation of performance;
  • organized according to defined training programmes.

The Career Path

Each role within the company (like Buyer, Accountant or Software Developer) has its own Career Path with the same number of clear steps, which are based on competencies required on each level (both technical and personal). Employees are accompanied by their Managers and HR in their part with constant feedback, setting of objectives, performance evaluation and trainings.