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Training Projects

YOOX Group considers investment in training to be fundamental for developing the key skills for success

The training activities planned for employees represent a constant commitment for the Group, as well as a strategic element in the project to continuously develop corporate know-how.

YOOX Group in numbers



Hours of training in 2014



Hours of training per employee in 2014

Source: Sustainability Report 2014

All the training paths explore different departments within the company.

Here are some examples:

  • Managerial Path: training dedicated to all managers in the company to improve and support their managerial and people management skills;
  • Specific Path per Area: training dedicated to acquire specific competencies within a department;
  • Mandatory Path: training dedicated to explore all our security and ethical organisational models.

Training Programmes

YOOX Group assists its employees throughout their lives at the company with progressive training programmes.



The Induction programme is structured as a journey along which the new hire will have the chance to discover values, business and organisation of the Group.


New Hire Orientation Programme


After a warm welcome, YOOX gives the opportunity to discover our Distribution Centres; in this way, new hires experience all processes, from digitalisation of the products to the dispatching of the order.



The People Development team at YOOX Group facilitates the professional growth and skills development of each person within the company through the proposed training path.



Develop & Develop yourself – an expansive training proposal for all needs


The range of training programmes is based both on individual or group classes regarding cross and specific topics of different company areas. In addition, an employee is given the chance to be a trainer for specific programmes, which have the aim to internally spread the know-how.

Different trainings – organised according to the Career Path of each area – are aimed to strengthen and to empower individual competencies.



Based on the establishment of an ongoing dialogue with the Group’s managers, this programme sets as its objective developing managerial skills within the company.



Learning and development paths for our managers


Thanks to an ad hoc plan, conceived by the People Development Team, each manager will be able to acquire and develop the necessary competencies in order to grow in his/her managerial role within YOOX.

Classes are based on effective requirements, taking into consideration company targets and the specific personal and professional capabilities of each participant.