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The relationship of trust and transparency that YOOX has established with Customers, Partners,
Suppliers and the Market is at the core of business success

The entire business strategy adopted by the Group considers listening to the requirements of the Stakeholders to be a fundamental step in meeting the economic objectives established.

YOOX has gained a position of leadership on the reference market, considering the requirements of customers, suppliers, partners and the financial community to be determining factors for its success.

Therefore, the Group considers the following to be essential in its daily activities:

  • listening to Customers, investing in innovation geared towards improving the entire purchase process and experience, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction;
  • the authenticity, excellent quality and security of the products sold, thanks to product control and to the safeguarding of suppliers and the supply chain;
  • the development of positive and transparent relationships with Brand-Partner Suppliers;
  • adopting transparent governance and staying in constant dialogue with the financial community, which generates value for Shareholders.

YOOX Group in figures


1.3 million

active customers in 2014


3.4 million

orders in 2014



one order every 9 seconds


€ 524 million

Net Revenues in 2014


 15.2 milion

Monthly Unique Visitors

Source: Sustainability Reports 2014


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