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Over the years, YOOX has developed a true corporate culture that favours respecting the Environment

Active since 2009, YOOXYGEN is the environmental sustainability program that has been entrusted with the task of raising public awareness about the Environment both internally and externally.

For the Group, the commitment to the Environment means combining a minimization of environmental impacts with the dissemination of a culture of sustainability.

In YOOX’s strategy, the search for sustainable development at the environmental level passes through projects which call for:

  • streamlining the use of resources and increasing efficiency in energy consumption, in terms of office management, the scope of IT and Employee mobility;
  • using renewable energy sources;
  • making decisions which are geared towards sustainability in the management of corporate activities, particularly in reference to the choice of product packaging materials, and to sharing the best operating solutions with Partners in the management of shipments;
  • raising awareness of Employees and Customers to implement behaviours which respect the Environment, including through the Environment Sustainability program YOOXYGEN. 

YOOX Group in figures



Company cars
are hybrid vehicles



of servers at the Zola Predosa site
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Energy consumption
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of the total volume of waste produced
in the last three years


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Sustainable brands online
at YOOXYGEN on yoox.com 

Source: Sustainability Report 2014 

the responsible packaging

According to research by Nielsen Global Survey on 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility nearly 52% of online Consumers, in particular the “millennials” (aged 21– 34) consider the sustainability of packaging to be important.


Read the Nielsen Global Survey

YOOX Group, affirming its consistent commitment to sustainability, has always used packaging made out of recyclable materials.

In 2009, YOOX chose to go one step further in its respect of the Environment, creating its EcoboxTM, a well-researched e-commerce packaging, which was simultaneously created ad hoc to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. The EcoboxTM is made out of 100% recyclable materials, certified by RESY, FSC, PEFC and SFI at the international level; the box and all of the packaging materials use cellulose produced in accordance with environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

The sustainability of the EcoboxTM lies not only in the materials comprising it, but also in its opening/closing system, since it has been specifically designed to be opened without damaging it, in order to allow the box to be reused if the order is returned, thereby guaranteeing reduced packaging.

The special packaging is used by YOOX to send the millions of orders that are placed each year on yoox.com, thecorner.com and shoescribe.com, and in the online stores “Powered by YOOX Group,” thereby promoting a message of sustainability to end clients at every corner of the globe



furfreeYOOX is committed to developing a commercial policy sensitive to the socioenvironmental impact associated with its business. The “Fur Free” project, started in 2014, falls under this scope. In December 2014 YOOX joined the international “Fur Free Retailer Program” standard promoted by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), coordinated by the Italian companies in the Italian anti-vivisection league (LAV), for which the three yoox.com multi-brand online store: yoox.com, shoescribe.com and thecorner.com intend to promote commercial policies in line with animal rights, by excluding items and accessories made from animal fur. To implement the commitments deriving from joining the program “against fur”, YOOX introduced controls the relevant processes (buying, quality control, records, etc) and integrated the operating guidelines for fulfilling the product quality control activities. The progressive adoption and compliance with these standards will become effective from June 2016, with completion of the training and communication campaign, revising and integrating the standard terms for product buying.



 Green Cross International 

Since its creation, YOOXYGEN has held tight to a dense system of collaborations with organizations that are active in the field of environmental protection.

The official partner of YOOXYGEN since its creation is Green Cross International, the NGO founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, which operates in 31 countries, promoting and financing environmental and humanitarian support initiatives.

YOOXYGEN supports the organization’s activity through various projects, and by promoting the Green Cross International development programs online, at yoox.com, as concerns the topics such as climate change.

YOOXYGEN’s commitment alongside Green Cross International is particularly geared towards supporting the Smart Water for Green Schools initiative, which is targeted at guaranteeing access to drinking water and health and environmental education to children and communities living in disadvantaged areas.

Where drought is a daily problem, the collaboration between YOOXYGEN and Green Cross International proposes concrete solutions: the installation of rainwater collection systems and health services in schools, the development of educational programs on primary hygiene and health, and the construction of wells for an entire community. 

The pilot project started in Ghana in February 2010 and has been extended to Bolivia. Here are some of the results:

  • Clean drinking water for 40,000 people in the two countries
  • A decrease in the occurrence of waterborne diseases
  • Teaching activities for local communities in how to use water responsibly
  • An increase in access to education, in literacy amongst women and in equality between the sexes
  • Expansion of the project to communities in China, as well as others in Ghana and Bolivia

Smart Water for Green Schools aims to reach a further 20 communities in Ghana and 6 in Bolivia.


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