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Sustainability Report

A fundamental instrument for communicating with Stakeholders,
it reports the results obtained by YOOX in the pursuit of its sustainable approach to business



31 Dec 2014 Sustainability Report 2014
31 Dec 2014 Sustainability Report 2014 at a glance

Reporting process


Published annually, the Sustainability Report meets the A+ application level of the GRI guidelines


The process of drafting the document, as with defining content and determining the material nature of the corporate topics, is based on principles provided for by the GRI and has provided for the involvement of corporate managers.

The data and information entered in the Report refers to the fiscal year ended 31 December of the preceding year, and to certain significant projects implemented during the first months of the current year.

Except where otherwise indicated, the scope of data of the Sustainability Report corresponds to that of the Management Report and the Consolidated Financial Statements, from which the economic and financial data and information reported in the Sustainability Report were extracted.

To ensure the reliability of the information reported, the inclusion of directly measurable sizes has been privileged, avoiding the use of estimates where possible. When necessary, such estimates are based on the best calculation methods available, and their use is recommended at the individual indicator level. In order to promote the comparability of data over time, the trends relating to the two preceding fiscal years have been proposed where available.