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YOOX Group’s sustainability

For YOOX, creating value means achieving economic objectives while following a model for sustainable development

The commitment to sustainable development, and seeking out transparent relationships with all stakeholders – Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Environment and Community, are an integral part of the Group’s DNA.

While carrying out its activities, the Group plans and implements strategies which are aimed at combining:

  • economic sustainability, by making choices that are aimed at guaranteeing business continuity over the long-term, and also thanks to the application of an effective model of governance;
  • social sustainability, guaranteeing that ethical, exemplary conduct is maintained in business management, while striking a balance with the legitimate expectations of the various participants, in accordance with the shared values adopted;
  • environmental sustainability, minimizing the direct and indirect impacts on the environment in relation to the development of its work. YOOXYGEN, the group’s dedicated program on this topic, created in 2009, aims to raise environmental awareness both inside and outside of the Group. The heart of the YOOXYGEN initiative is “Eco-mmerce” online on yoox.com, which through projects and initiatives with international organizations, designers and celebrities, supports and promotes an innovative, yet environmentally conscious, fashion.

YOOX Group in numbers


> 50

projects to support emerging talents
in recent years


> 25

not-for-profit organizations supported
by YOOX4LOVE in recent years






different nationalities

Source: Sustainability Reports 2014

The ethic certification SA8000

Confirming its commitment to social responsibility, YOOX SPA adopted the SA8000 Management System, and following a positive result of the inspection conducted by external auditors, it has obtain the approval for the certification of the System SA8000 by the authority Certificatore Accreditato IQNet Ltd.

Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000) is the reference Standard that was developed by Social Accountability International (SAI) and supervised by the Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS), and was the first standard on social responsibility that was recognised at a global level, a voluntary and verifiable through third party auditors supervised by the Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS).

With the aim of improving working conditions, SA8000 is applicable to all companies, regardless of size, business sector or country.

SA8000 is based on various international conventions such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The standard confronts 8 fundamental elements which every social responsibility SA8000 has to face and monitor: child labour and forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, work hours, compensation and management systems relating to control of the supply chain, management of external communications and other corporate policies.

The importance of the certification SA8000 for employees

To have obtained the approval for the certification of the System SA8000, adopting an effective SA8000 management system means protecting resources, means for YOOX to be able to protect the company’s resources, defining fundamental requirements that have to be satisfied to improve worker rights, guaranteeing safety conditions at workplaces and having effective policies for managing the supply chain.

In order to inform all of its stakeholders about the choice to adhere to SA8000, YOOX SPA Senior Management has prepared a programming policy for the Social Responsibility and the adoption of said Standard.

The SA8000 Model has required the formation of a dedicated working group: the Social Performance Team (SPT), which is comprised of elected worker representatives and management representatives, who have been called upon to periodically conduct a written evaluation of the areas and real or potential risks of non-compliance with the standard, to conduct tests and identify any corrective interventions.

YOOX’s SA8000 management system includes:

Raising awareness and training internal personnel. HR managers and representatives of the SA8000 management system, members of the Social Performance Team, have coordinated and arranged specific training sessions about the Standard. YOOX has therefore provided all the employees with a formative module dedicated to the SA8000 and to the effective procedures of its application internally to the organization.

Monitoring of suppliers. YOOX is committed to applying

The Social Performance Team (SPT), a working group dedicated to SA8000 was created, which consists of elected worker representatives and management representatives, who have been called upon to periodically conduct a written evaluation of the areas of real or potential risks of noncompliance with the standards, and to perform tests and identify any corrective interventions. Employee supervisors and representatives of the SA8000 management system participated in specific training interventions. YOOX subsequently took measures to provide all employees with a dedicated Standard SA8000 training module.

Supplier monitoring. YOOX is committed to applying the utmost diligence to check compliance with Standard SA8000, including by its own suppliers, through operative checks and controls. During the first half of 2015, SA8000 checks were completed by qualified external auditors for six product suppliers operating in Italy, who were determined to be in compliance. Subsequent audits will be conducted in the upcoming months regarding all kinds of suppliers. The SA8000 requirements have been included in the supplier qualification and selection process for goods not intended for sale. After the certificate is obtained, the Suppliers will be asked to respect the SA800 reference principles by signing the “General Conditions to Acquire Goods and Services”.

Indication of critical situations. YOOX has instituted new channels for listening and communication for all employees in order to receive information regarding any violations of the SA800 requirements. The main channel is through the SA8000 worker representative, who directly gathers suggestions. Additionally, all corporate offices have points where information can be anonymously collected from employees. The material collected is analysed by the SPT and brought to Management’s attention so that it can take actions for improvement.

The commitment to sustainability issues has led the Group to obtain significant recognition, such as the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. In addition, YOOX ranked among the leading companies in Italy in climate change in CDP Italy 100 Climate Change Report 2014, as the only fashion e-commerce player active in this field. Moreover, among the top 100 most influential companies in the world, YOOX is the only Italian company that has joined the RE100 initiative, that globally promotes the adoption of an energy strategy aimed at increasing, within a short number of years, the number of renewable energy sources up to 100%.