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YOOX and others

In terms of sustainability, YOOX works by identifying the topics on which to focus its corporate energies,
and by communicating the results achieved in a transparent manner

In the sustainability strategies adopted by YOOX, having a dialogue with the Stakeholders, which is characterized by achieving transparency and shared decision-making, and constructing an environment of trust – is an essential element.


YOOX Group
and its Stakeholders

The relevant Stakeholders identified by YOOX are:

  • End Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Analysts and Lenders
  • Shareholders
  • Community and Media
  • Public Administration
  • Environment

With them, the Group strives to create occasions for discussion and sharing in order to understand expectations, verifying – through the “matrix of materiality” instrument the degree to which the corporate strategies have addressed needs.