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YOOX Values

The corporate activities are characterized by a respect of fundamental values,
which cross all disciplines and are shared at all levels

YOOX is committed to disseminating the corporate values indicated below:


The spirit of YOOX Group is the people who work here. Their passion, their talents and their minds are the engine behind YOOX Group, which transforms individual efforts into team value.

icn_valori_sentireilclienteListening to the Customers

At YOOX Group we draw our strength from the ability to listen to our Customers and put ourselves in their shoes.


YOOX Group’s success is based on honesty, transparency, integrity and privacy in dealing with Customers and in interpersonal relations and on the ability to translate shared ethics into credibility and results.


YOOX Group’s international expansion s international expansion requires understanding and respecting the differences between countries by building connections and integrating with local culture.


YOOX Group is different with its distinct identity based on quality, creativity and innovation.

inc_valori_itaItalian DNA

YOOX Group was born in Italy, from which it gets its aesthetic calling, world renowned fashion and design products, and the ability to combine flexibility with complexity

icn_valori_performanceExcellent Performance

YOOX Group strives for excellence in delivering fast, quality results. order to do so we believe in a work environment that recognises and strengthens the performance and potential of our Employees.

fertileFertile Growth

YOOX Group’s growth is fuelled by constantly improving how resources are used and optimizing energy in a way that respects the Environment, because YOOX Group firmly believes that the energy for ideas of the future is green.

The conduct of all YOOX associates in their internal and external relations must abide by the values set forth in the Code of Ethics, with the knowledge that appropriate ethics are essential for the Group’s growth, in terms of its economics and credibility.