ynap.com is now live! Get to know the newly formed YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

What we do

Brand of the brands: from 2000, YOOX Group is a pioneer in fashion e-commerce,
introducing in the digital world leading fashion and luxury brands


The multi- brand business line which was established in 2000 with the world’s leading online lifestyle store yoox.com and then with the luxury online boutique thecorner.com and shoescribe.com , the online destination for women dedicated entirely to high-end shoes


Online stores “Powered by YOOX Group”

Since 2006, YOOX Group designs and manages mono-brand online stores for fashion brands looking to offer their latest collection on the Internet.


Through YOOX Group, Brands keep control over their global channel strategy and gain full ownership of their online flagship store






Innovation Power

YOOX acts as the Brands’ Innovation Lab in the fields of user experience and new technologies applied to luxury e-commerce


Brands can access the operational efficiencies arising from YOOX’s scale (shipping rates, handling fees, etc.)                                                                                         






Ease and speed market

YOOX Group’s solution allows for a global turnkey set-up minimising channel-specific hurdles                                                                                                                     






Incentive alignment

Long-term partnership based on revenue sharing agreement, ensuring full alignment of incentives of both parties                                                                             






Global reach with local expertise

Coverage of over 100 countries worldwide, with highly localised approach in key fashion markets


15-year experience in global luxury e-commerce available to complement and breed Brands’ internal capabilities



Customisable platform to convey unique brand identities, matching luxury customers’ expectations through a best-in-class service

Joint Venture with Kering Group

From 2012, YOOX Group is partnering with Kering in a joint venture dedicated to managing the mono-brand online stores of several luxury brands of Kering Group.