ynap.com is now live! Get to know the newly formed YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

The Customer: at the heart of YOOX

Offering Customers the best shopping experience possible has always been YOOX’s objective.
Listening to Customers is at the core of the Group’s corporate culture

YOOX intends to offer extremely high quality service, which has been tailored to Customer requirements. A commitment to satisfying the needs and desires of its customers has always guided the continual process of improving and innovating the services which have distinguished the Group’s corporate strategy from the start.

Customer care

YOOX has chosen to localize its services in order to provide a completely localized experience to the end Customer, offering “made-to-measure” services in its online stores for the various markets:

  • Content localized in 11 different languages (UK English, US English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek)
  • Size conversion
  • 10 different currencies accepted to date, along with local payment systems
  • Customer Service in 11 languages
  • Dedicated local courier services to meet specific local demands
  • Specific services for certain particular markets: next-day and Saturday delivery available in various markets, butler service and RFid seal of authenticity for China, scheduled delivery in Japan, 5,500 points in Spain and France for deliveries and returns, 11,500 in Europe by 2015




Customer culture

In order to perfect its ability to offer each person the best shopping experience possible, YOOX Group is committed to disseminating a “Customer culture”.

In defining the “Surprise Our Surprise” mission, the Group disseminates the importance of Customer service each day, and establishes its commitment to the end Customer across all levels of the corporate structure.

YOOX commits daily to establishing a relationship with Customers to:

  • favour stable relations, providing incentives for trust and reciprocal respect;
  • act with honesty, courtesy and transparency;
  • guarantee high standards of quality in products and services;
  • guarantee maximum security in the use of payment services;
  • encourage attention to Customer demands;
  • promote the dissemination of the company’s social responsibility;
  • innovate the services offered.

Customer service

The ability to satisfy customers also involves the Customer Care service, which covers all time zones and is dedicated to managing any issues related to shipment and delivery

Key figures

icn-big-headphones 8 Customer Care centres
icn-big-balloon11 Assistance in 11 languages
 icn-big-phone 90% of call
answered within 20 seconds
 icn-big-mail 100% of e-mails
answered within 8 working hours
 icn-big-checked 95% of problems resolved the first time
a Customer contacts YOOX




Listening to customers

The ability to “hear the Customer”, listening to and understanding small requests and expectations, is one of the values and strengths on which YOOX has invested its resources and significant attention from the outset. 

Thanks to the Voice of the Customer project, Customer feedback and expectations are regularly gathered through the various and numerous points of contact (email, call centre, social media, online feedback,) and analysed. This information, along with the results of the quantitative and qualitative analyses, on various and specific issues – are added and shared among the various corporate divisions, and periodically presented to Management to be turned into action plans which are geared towards improving the shopping experience.


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