ynap.com is now live! Get to know the newly formed YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

Path to innovation

The ability to innovate has always been a distinguishing trait of YOOX,
aimed at achieving excellence in the services offered

Innovation, understood as constant 360-degree improvement, is an essential part of the Group’s DNA, and has been a strategic priority for it since its creation in 2000.

For YOOX Group, innovating means creating value for itself and all of its stakeholders, redefining its objectives in each business sector with great care, and always with an attentive focus on the end customer.

YOOX Group innovates when it listens to Customers, interprets their needs, and anticipates and satisfies their demands, using technological development to improve processes and services to make the shopping experience offered increasingly unique and satisfying.

Excellence in service is written in its DNA

Its Customer culture and Environment of innovation are among YOOX’s distinctive characteristics and for Customers, have always been the best guarantee of excellent levels of service, not to mention a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

A Leader in mobile commerce

Thanks to the ability to anticipate the market, foresee determining technological factors and listen to customer demands, YOOX is now a leader in mobile commerce.

Already a pioneer in fashion e-commerce since 2000, YOOX Group began working on mobile commerce as of 2006, and was among the very first to introduce shopping via iPhone with the first yoox.com iPhone app in 2009 and subsequently, in 2010 with the iPad, which debuted on the same day as the iPad’s official launch in the US.

Every day, YOOX Group affirms its commitment to making the shopping experience in its online stores interactive all the time and everywhere, also guaranteeing the mobile presence of its online stores.

Cross channel

YOOX continued to invest in its technology platform for the release of cross channel functionality in order to allow Group mono-brand Partners to offer their Customers a fully integrated and consistent experience between the offline stores and the online stores “Powered by YOOX Group”.

According to research, a new generation of luxury-goods consumers is being born. Increasingly at ease with digital technology, these consumers use various online devices simultaneously, including for shopping. As a result, today’s luxury-goods consumer expects a luxury experience that is fully integrated and consistent across all channels (physical store, mobile and online). Already a pioneer of mobile commerce, the YOOX Group is once again one step ahead of the latest trends and, thanks to continued investment in its technology platform and the launch of cross channel functionality, can allow its mono-brand Brand-Partners to grasp this opportunity and thus offer Customers a cross channel experience, combining the real and the virtual.

Riding the Mobile Wave

  • yoox.com – first M-SiteApril 2009
  • yoox.com – first App for iPhone and iPod touchNovember 2009
  • yoox.com first App for iPadApril 2010
  • Mobile "Speak and Shop"November 2012
  • shoescribe.com first App for Iphone & Android December 2012
  • yoox.com and thecorner.com Chinese m-sitesOctober & December 2013
  • New native App for thecorner.comDecember 2013
  • New yoox.com App for iPhone and Android smartphonesOctober 2014
  • YOOX Group – global traffic from mobile December 2014



  • AGILE-2
  • AGILE-1

Agile is a global, cultural, and social movement, which aims to profoundly change how we do business.

This movement results from the work of a group of software engineers and computer gurus who, in 2001, published the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto sets out values (collaboration, efficiency, trust, adaptation) and practices which, although initially understood as being intended to “find better ways of developing software”, proved to be valid in every business environment, being applied in the technological, logistical, financial, legal, and human resource arenas.

Being Agile means investing in people who work at companies and in their relationships, with the conviction that this is a formidable catalyst for generating the most important value: user satisfaction.

For YOOX Group, it was natural to take on the Agile path of transformation, because the Agile values have always been a part of its DNA (Heart, Listening to the Customer, Ethics, Innovation, Excellent Performance). The journey began in 2009, when a team of 4 people began to experiment with this new paradigm. In 2014, the change encompassed all the workers of the entire technological division of YOOX Group, establishing a Change Management office, which is tasked with guiding and assisting people, teams and the organisation in the transformation process.

Today more than 300 people have been impacted by this project, more than 70 days of training in Agile Fundamentals have been completed, there are 30 teams that have been transformed, seven communities have been established, and five new roles have been defined and created.

And so it continues, as “Change is a journey, not a destination”.